Java aware sources comparison

Few months ago I was searching a tool that would compare two versions of Java source with respect to its OO structure. I expected that report would give me an info not only with number of changed lines in a file but rather number of changed methods and number of lines in them. I found nothing that can fulfill this task.

Simple calendar

Calendar functionality is a must in applications where working or non-working days have a special meaning. Fixed holidays (solar cycle) and weekends can be determined without any effort. In European tradition there are also floating holidays dependant on Easter – derived from lunar cycle. Determining these is non-trivial but already solved problem described as Computus.

Currently most of programming languages are equipped with utilities (math and date) that make implementation simple. It allows to build an algorithm of everlasting calendar in any system. Why I'm diving into so trivial problem? Because I consider embedding of such algorithm as evil.