Break free of vendor lock-in

There is a lot of cross technology projects. GWT compiles Java into
Javascript, several languages compiles into JVM bytecode and Ruby can be compiled into
PHP. Why not use this kind of approach to switch from one solution to another? Transform sources from one to another platform and it is. I would describe my works on proof-of-concept soon.

DSL editor with code completion in Javascript

Domain Specific Languages currently have its hype. Important feature of serious new language implementation is a tool support – editor with code completion. There is already significant set of tools that allow to build a complete language solution. Most of them were presented recently on Language Workbench Competition 2011.

I was searching something similar implemented in Javascript and I found Concrete Editor. It represents structured approach to language editing. New entities are created with a set of attribute placeholders. It perfectly fits to languages describing elements and relations between them. For expression language it is far much easier to edit in a free text manner. To give an example I've implemented simple free text editor for Concrete metamodel.